School of Burlesque


Madam Krumpet’s School of Burlesque runs drop in classes, workshops and a course, which ends with a showcase performance in Camden.

Beginners Burlesque lesson where we learn  a routine to take home.

Madame Krumpets promote body confidence  and the art of tease.

Burlesque is for everyone. It is also a fun way to exercise and have fun a t the same time.

We offer workshops in the fundamentals of burlesque dance, tassel twirling and  fan dance.

For those wanting to take it further. There is a 4 week course which is a beginners. You will learn a routine which has  expression, bumps, grinds and shimmies.

After that if you would like to create your own routine there is  a 4 week course ‘Glamour puss’ . Which we showcase this at a live venue in Camden 

Then a 4 week ‘ Madame krumpet’. This ends with a show night to enrol on this you need to have completed ‘Glamour Puss’. On this course you learn  a group routine as well as working on your own routine.

We also offer Burlesque hen parties which are 18 pounds per person.  An industry professional in  burlesque  will come and teach you  a fun routine and perform  a burlesque act .

Madame Krumpet is a burlesque artist and mentor she will teach you the art of tease.