School of Burlesque

Madam Krumpet’s School of Burlesque runs drop in classes, workshops and a course that concludes with a showcase performance in Camden. We are also proud patrons of our very own burlesque troupe!

Madame Krumpet is a burlesque artist and mentor she will teach you the art of tease.

Burlesque is for everyone. It is also a fun way to exercise and have fun at the same time.

Madame Krumpet’s School of Burlesque promotes body confidence and the art of tease.

We offer a foundation workshop in the fundamentals of burlesque dance, tassel twirling and  fan dance.

For those wanting to take it further, there is a 4 week semi-beginners course. You will learn a full routine with full expression, bumps, grinds and shimmies.

After that if you would like to create your own routine there is a 4 week course ‘Glamour puss

Finally we offer a 4 week ‘Madame krumpet‘ course. This ends with a show night. To enrol on this you need to have completed ‘Glamour Puss’

We also offer Burlesque hen parties, which are £18 per person. An industry professional in burlesque will come and teach you a fun routine and how to perform a mesmerizing burlesque act .

Beginners Burlesque lesson where we learn  a routine to take home.

Madame Krumpets is for everyone who wants to learn the art of the tease. Burlesque is a fun way to gain confidence, and to own your body and to use it in a way that is very powerful and amusing.